Odour Removal Applications

Pet Odour

Stop apologizing for “the smell” when visitors or family walk in your home! Pet ownership has its rewards – and its downside. Even the best homes can have a “pet smell” and bathing your pets will not completely solve the problem. Bedding, furniture, carpet, and floors hide the smells that bathing cannot address.

Worse yet, trying to cover up pet odour may not be a healthy option. Sprays, powders, and deodorizers pose health concerns as more chemicals are being compounded and introduced into the home. These short-term fixes may have long-term health implications.

  • Ozone Odour Removal is also a sanitizing process. All surfaces are affected by the ozone process, even the recessed areas that are rarely treated.
  • Pet dander and dust mites often cause respiratory problems. Ozone is a proven agent that reduces allergens in the air. You will notice that breathing is a lot easier after our service has done the job. Our service can be applied to create an Allergy Safe room or home using Environmental Health and Safety protocols.

OdorXout Ottawa is committed to providing quality, detailed work using the latest technology to solve urine problems. Find out more about how we are uniquely qualified to tackle your toughest pet urine issues using UV Light Inspections.

Hotel Treatments

Thinking about buying an ozone generator for your hotel or apartment? Here’s what you need to know before you buy. Is it the right size machine? Who will maintain and repair it? What about the tough jobs that are too much for the machine? We offer our services to hotels, motels, and apartment complexes to allow so you can provide odour free rooms that are also allergy friendly when properly treated. As we learn more about the real cause of odours and allergies, we also realize that cleaning may do some good, and it may do some harm.

Using ozone generators by untrained staff is a poor decision. These ozone generators are under-powered and must be used in a way that does not violate safety standards. Like other professional equipment, it is problematic to have untrained workers placing the ozone generator throughout the building.

Our services include odour elimination, infection control, allergy safe treatments, and mold mitigation. One visit by our professionals can make a tremendous difference for the hotel, including lobby, gym, and food areas.  In addition, your facility will have the bragging rights as the best smelling, most sanitary and healthiest facility in town.

Spas, Gyms and Workout Centres

Get a double benefit. Odors are completely eliminated using our process, and all areas will be effectively sanitized. Ozone is one of the best sterilants in the world. It kills bacteria and virus by destroying the membrane (skin) in seconds. Ozone penetrates to every exposed area including carpet, furniture, and walls.

We bring proprietary skills and tools to the program not found elsewhere.  Odours are hard to resolve but a real turn-off to patrons.  Every gym that has people in physical contact with equipment needs to know that “Wiping Down the Equipment” is a small step toward a safe and sanitary process.  There are three critical ways to insure that your facility will not become “Ground Zero” for a disease passed along to paying customers.

Our three step process is amazingly effective and allows the patrons to feel safe and secure at the facility.  The truth is that there is a segment of society that worries about the health implications of a gym or workout center.  This goes well beyond the exercise aspect.  The more people frequenting your facility, the higher the likelihood that germs will pass to unsuspecting visitors.

Odour removal should not be reactive, but proactive.  OdorXout Ottawa knows how to permanently get rid of odours and keep any facility fresh and odour-free.  As a professional sanitizing service, OdorXout Ottawa can do what a cleaning service can never accomplish.

Cigarette Smoke

Don’t waste your time with sprays, chemicals, soaps and shampoos that promise a cure….a properly applied ozone “shock” treatment is the modern and correct way to cure the cigarette smell problem once and for all!

Sprays, no matter how good they might claim to be, simply can’t get everywhere, so the smell comes back everytime. Alternately ozone gas goes everywhere and treats all surfaces. Call OdorXout Ottawa to book your appointment with a Certified Ozone Technician who will do the job right. We give special rates for multi car treatments done at the same time and will travel to where the vehicle or RV is located to get the job done to your satisfaction.We also offer fleet pricing and trade rates for used car dealers.

Apartment Rentals/Homes for Sale

The ability to rent or sell a home can swing on one small detail. Location, decoration, and schools are the big issues, but smell is a subtle, yet powerful, persuader.  Musty, lived-in, or stale odors in a home decreases value and buyer decisions.  Examples of a deodorized home and a standard home are easy to find.  Why have so many “Realtor Seminars” suggest the apple pie smell for the kitchen or the potpourri in the living room?   Smell is a part of the buyer’s experience.  But, masking smells is unfair and leaves people wondering what is hidden from them.

Our certified technicians will remove the worst of smells leaving the home free of odors that will not come back a few weeks later.  They are absolutely gone! In such a neutral environment, a bouquet of flowers can provide the soft scent that people love.

We specialize in Apartment Move-Outs and Homes For Sale. Give our team 3-5 hours to do our job, and even foul and pungent odors will be gone.

RVs, Campers, and Trailers

You’ve had your camper, RV, tent trailer or boat closed up for well over 6 months. It happens to many people every year…..you open it up for the first time to a funky, musty, moldy or mildew odour. You just pray there are no dead animals to deal with! Same goes for your cottage. Any space closed up for 6 months or longer runs the risk of having unpleasant odours develop in the space. You do your best to “air out” things, but the funk is always there in the background. There is a solution!!

Have a Certified Ozone Technician treat the entire space with an Ozone Shock Treatment. The treatment uses absolutely no chemicals or sprays, is green, safe and very effective at not just reducing, but eliminating all odours. Every surface will be treated by the ozone gas, leaving a sanitized space as ozone will kill all bacteria it contacts.

We will gladly travel to cottage country to perform the treatment on cottages or trailers typically up to a 2 hour radius of Ottawa. Additional mileage charges may apply to the base treatment price for out of town properties, boats or trailers.

Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

These need the kind of powerful odor removal that our service can provide. Stop trying to mask odors. Remove foul odors and sanitize at the same time.