Thinking about buying an ozone generator for your hotel or apartment? Here’s what you need to know before you buy. Is it the right size machine? Who will maintain and repair it? What about the tough jobs that are too much for the machine? We offer our services to hotels, motels, and apartment complexes to allow so you can provide odour free rooms that are also allergy friendly when properly treated. As we learn more about the real cause of odours and allergies, we also realize that cleaning may do some good, and it may do some harm.

Using ozone generators by untrained staff is a poor decision. These ozone generators are underpowered and must be used in a way that does not violate safety standards. Like other professional equipment, it is problematic to have untrained workers placing the ozone generator throughout the building.

Our services include odour eliminatioin, infection control, allergy safe treatments, and mold mitigation. One visit by our professionals can make a tremendous difference for the hotel, including lobby, gym, and food areas.

In addition, your facility will have the bragging rights as the best smelling, most sanitiary, and healthy facility in town.

Not another ozone solution. We treat hotels, apartments, and condos with our proprietary three-step process. This process uses activated oxygen to neutralize and stabilize the room(s), but to insure a permanent solution we apply BioZone Protectant to all services. The final treatment is direct treatment of any trouble spots. There is simply no hotel odour solution like the one offered by BioZone Protectant.

Apartment Odours

The same amazing results are used for apartment and condo smells. Years of smoking, cooking, pet problems, and poor habits can leave your vacant apartment with a hard-to-remove smell. Painting and carpet cleaning are simply not enough. The odours will return, and your customers will complain. Bring in the odour removal specialists at Odorxout Ottawa. We gaurantee that the odours will be gone, and they will not return.

Before you rent that apartment out, let us make it smell like it should. Bad smells decrease its value and may cause it to stay vacant longer.

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