Walls, Ceilings & Acoustical Tile Cleaning

Yes, we can wash your walls, ceilings and acoustical tiles…and maybe prevent re-painting or expensive ceiling replacements.

OdorXout Ottawa uses the amazing patented Von Schrader VersaTile Wall, Ceiling and Acoustical Tile Cleaning System. We achieve professional results with no streaking!

Great for soiled apartment and rental home walls/ceilings. Keep property management and real estate investment expenses low by washing walls instead of repainting unnecessarily.

Combine our wall washing service with our Ozone Whole Home Shock Treatments and we can successfully remove years of smoking, pet and cooking odour contamination that coated the walls.

We can handle all surfaces including popcorn ceilings, wallpaper, stucco, concrete and pretty well any surface either smooth or rough. Perfect for fire/smoke restorations.

Improve the indoor air quality by removing years of dust and dirt buildup on walls, ceilings and acoustical tiles. Freshen up the look of your office, store or restaurant and turn those dingy tiles and walls into fresh, clean and bright surfaces – literally brighten up the room overnight! At a fraction of the cost of a repaint or tile replacement.

We also do high reach vacuuming (and ceiling fan cleaning) up to 18 feet high (higher with scaffolding as required) to rid your space of dust and cobwebs on the ceilings, fans and walls.

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High-Reach Vacuuming