Pet Urine Removal

OdorXout Ottawa is committed to providing quality, detailed work using the latest technology to solve urine problems. We avoid the one size fits all, magic spray solutions offered by most others. When you call us for advice and quotes for pet urine situations, we will be honest and not simply suggest a major cleaning, (hepa-vacuuming, duct cleaning or application of some product). Those can be make-work projects for our competitors.

We usually start with a thorough Ultra Violet Light inspection of all potentially affected areas…and often the whole home. Yes we go CSI on your problem! Completely normal looking surfaces and carpets are exposed to highlight glowing urine deposits that are essentially invisible to the naked eye. Doing all this pre-inspection work allows us to be much more strategic and cost effective in our solutions. We even notify you of situations where there may in fact be too much damage to underlying building materials (i.e saturated drywall, trim, concrete and wood) and suggest replacement if it is the best option.

Some situations do require removing and replacement so wouldn’t you like to know now before being frustrated by repeated failed attempts at cleaning and remediation. There comes a point where replacement is far more cost effective than remediation. We can help with detailed data of the actual extent of the problems and costs for all options. Beware when someone tells you they have a magic spray they will spray on your urine problem and it will all go away. Urine is the toughest odour to get rid of and it requires detailed work. If you have a urine saturated 2X4, piece of drywall or trim, no “magic spray” will solve those problems. Find out what the situation truly is with a UV light inspection before any work starts. Call us to get the right advice on your urine problems!