Bio-Sanitizing Applications

Schools, Day Cares, and Play Areas

Few would deny that children are a constant source of contagious disease. They put their hands and mouths on everything. And, they do not worry about clean hands or germs. Children like to hug, play, and handle. This means that schools, day care facilities, and play areas are common transfer points for the spread of disease. One of the first lessons to be learned is that “Cleaning is not Sanitizing.” The EPA states that sanitizers must stay on the surface for 2-8 minutes to kill most germs. Frankly, this never happens! Sanitizing is a level above ordinary cleaning, and the good news is that there are better ways to stop the spread of diseases by attacking bacteria and virus where they live. OdorXout Ottawa will treat any facility treating every surface, all furniture, and touchable item for bacteria and germs. The spread of disease can be greatly reduced by making the surfaces hostile to Germs but good for people. Ozone will sanitize all surfaces, clear the air, and leave the facility sanitized. BioZone is applied to all surfaces, including soft surfaces like carpet, furniture, and wallpaper. This invisible treatment will act like a barb wire fence to invading germs. They are literally punctured if they land on the surface. Then they die. This happens 24/7 for as long as three months. OdorXout Ottawa’s staff are trained and certified EHS Consultant with expertise in allergy threat, infection control, odour removal, and professional cleaning. We are not a cleaning service, but we provide a level of sanitizing and cleaning that cannot be found from any cleaning service. Extraordinary treatment of heavily contaminated areas by ozonated water, antimicrobial surface treatment, and probiotic applications are environmentally-safe and highly effective for sanitizing and infection control.

Mould and Mildew Remediation

Although OdorXout Ottawa is not in the mould remediation business, we can offer solutions for local minor contained mould problems. In the case of mould spores, they are very definitely killed, or burned/oxidized during an ozone shock treatment and this is an ideal way of sanitizing the air if you suspect you may have a local issue and possible mould spores in the air. Or if you are simply worried about spores releasing into the air when contaminated building material is handled and removed. A treatment prior to contractors working in a space can kill all exposed spores/mould to allow the workers to work in a safer environment and to safely do the physical remediation to seal leaks and remove moisture. As well, the typical musty/mildew or even “mystery” smells coming from damp basements can be removed once the basement has been dried out through remediation or extensive dehumidification. It’s a great way to freshen up a basement that has years of musty odours built up from constant dampness, stored boxes and junk…all very common in many homes. We can also treat your garage to remove odours from typical garage dampness and stored boxes/items. Cleaning of the space and flooring can also be arranged. Many people also choose to smoke in their garage rather than inside their homes. We can keep the nicotine odours at bay with a periodic affordable ozone treatment. In our experience, the many porous and unfinished surfaces in a garage make them even more apt to absorb and retain the odours than inside a home.

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

OdorXout Ottawa is able to deal with any outbreak and can sanitize your facility quickly and cost effectively without a large amount of disruption. We can sanitize your facility to Certified Aseptically Clean standards and supply the testing and proof of the efficacy of our treatments. To create the ultimate safe environment that your patients, clients and customers want to visit again and again, we offer the Certified Clinically Clean Rooms program. Call us for more details and a free consultation to make your facility safe for everyone who enters.

Allergy Safe Rooms

OdorXout Ottawa is proud to be a fully certified EHS (Environmental Health Services) consulting service. As such, we know how to provide a truly Allergy Safe Room for hotels, apartments, and homes. Our trained and certified personnel arrive on the scene to provide expert treatment that will greatly reduce or eliminate the allergy, asthma, or chemical sensitivity triggers that cause unwelcome attacks by staff, guests, students, or family members. This service can be a one-time treatment or a scheduled service to keep your facility Allergy Safe. The Allergy Safe program is very effective for hotels and motels wishing to offer Allergy Safe rooms to their customers. Allergy Safe rooms generally rent for $20-$30 more per night making this a smart investment. Plus many patrons appreciate the extra care and make it a point to return again. In homes, family members should always follow medical advice, but if the home is an environmental threat to allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities, our EHS Consultant will evaluate the problem, suggest a plan of action, and deliver an Allergy Safe room that is sanctioned by Environmental Health Services. Savings to those suffering are physical relief as well as expected lower medication requirements. Applicable for schools, days cares, and offices as well. Trust your EHS Consultant as a professional capable of delivering an Allergy Safe program to those important to your life.

Infection Control

OdorXout Ottawa does more than remove odours. Our trained and certified technicians can assess and deliver both an infection control and a post infection sanitizing service to your facility. Regardless of the infection, the OdorXout Ottawa team can arrive at your facility and provide serious bacterial or viral countermeasures. MRSA is one of the more well-known bacterial problems that seem to occur every school year. This nasty skin disease spreads quickly through direct and indirect contact. Whether flu, pink eye, retrovirus, or even tuberculosis our system provides a hospital grade, environmentally-safe sanitizing program that will treat every surface. We follow with a highly-effective antimicrobial surface treatment that will provide a germ fighting coating on all surface for three months after application. Our diiference is that we treat the immediate problem, but we also treat the potential of reinfection as students, staff, workers, or patrons return after treatment. This program is safe for schools, day care, gyms, workout centers, hotels, apartments, and offices. In most cases, the treatment can be fully implemented in 4-8 hours depending on the size of the facility. We provide a data logging program after treatment to demonstrate and verify to effectiveness of our sanitizing program. This weekly or monthly report assures our customers of the Best Practices in infection control and provides a written record of a proactive program to resolve serious health issues.

Veterinary Clinics and Kennels

The need for safe and sanitary conditions in dog kennels and animal shelters, vet offices and pet grooming salons is becoming ever more important with the likes of Parvo, dog flu and kennel cough and more floating around. If your facility has a large outbreak of some type….who are you going to call? Before reaching for that bleach bottle, contact OdorXout Ottawa for a free consultation and we can show you how we can deal with sanitizing your entire facility in a timely, cost effective and safe way. We have multiple tools and protocols to perform sanitizing of any size facility….with or without animals present. Yes we are able to sanitize a complete facility safely without the need to move and stress the animals. As well we use “aqueous ozone” (ozone water) to clean, deodorize and sanitize soiled surfaces like animal crates, kennels, pens, etc including porous concrete. Our use of completely safe Probiotic Bacteria odour and sanitizing products keeps everything green and safe. As well we offer an amazing sanitizing and bio-testing program with our game changing product Aseptic Plus+ which will leave your entire facility “Certified Clinically Clean” and help you attract and retain more customers looking for truly clean and sanitary conditions to leave their pets in. We don’t just say it’s Aseptically Clean, we actually prove it through bacteria testing. We have state of the art products, applications, bacterial measurement tools and the protocols to allow you to recover from any outbreak – or to simply freshen up an increasingly smelly animal storage facilities to keep it palatable to your visitors and employees.