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How Ozone Removes Odour

For more than twenty years, ozone has been used by industry to eliminate odours, and allergens, and purify water. However, the equipment was expensive. Recent adaptions of the ozone, hydroxyl, and UV irradiation systems are now compact and portable. For our reader's...

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Hotel Odour Solution

Thinking about buying an ozone generator for your hotel or apartment? Here's what you need to know before you buy. Is it the right size machine? Who will maintain and repair it? What about the tough jobs that are too much for the machine? We offer our services to...

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Allergy Safe Rooms

OdorXout Ottawa is proud to be a fully certified EHS Consultant service with Environmental Health Services. As such, we know how to provide a truly Allergy Safe Room for hotels, apartments, and homes. Our trained and certified personnel arrive on the scene to provide...

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Schools, Day Cares, And Play Areas

Few would deny that children are a constant source of contagious disease. They put their hands and mouths on everything. And, they do not worry about clean hands or germs. Children like to hug, play, and handle. This means that schools, day care facilities, and play...

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Sanitize Senior Homes And Condos

The science is in, and it is true that a slowing metabolism rate and reduced enzyme production can lead to the "Old Person Smell". While an unpleasant subject, it is a fact of life. The formal name for one of these odour sources is Nonenal. This is from an inability...

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Using Ozone for Allergy and Asthma Relief

To keep the record straight, we do not suggest using ozone as a treatment on the person. Though ozone is just another form of oxygen, it does cause respiratory irritation when used at high levels. Ozone is, however, a great tool that can be used to reduce the causes...

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Musty Smells In Homes

Recently, we had a call from a client that had a strong musty smell coming from the basement. The first thought was that this may be due to mold and mildew, but an inspection showed no evidence of mold throughout the entire house. The basement, however was very old....

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