OdorXout Ottawa is Ottawa’s Premier Odour Removal and Sanitizing Service.

In response to the increased need for an actual effective, modern, state of the art sanitizing solution for the Covid-19 outbreak, OdorXout Ottawa is pleased to offer it’s ULV(Ultra Low Volume) Electrostatic Fogging sanitizing/disinfecting solution to the general public.

A little education on modern sanitizing techniques is required here……modern and truly effective sanitizing/disinfecting CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED by basic outdated “Spray and Wipe” old school “cleaning” techniques. It just can’t….Not even close. The use of a Bacteria Swab Meter(ATP meter) can easily prove this very important point. You cannot guarantee full coverage to ALL surfaces using these old outdated spray and wipe techniques. Are these “cleaners” truly wiping down EVERY SURFACE!?!?….simple answer…NO. The labour required to COMPLETELY TREAT ALL SURFACES  would be cost prohibitive. So why do they advertise “all surfaces”? Because they are not true professional sanitizing services and definitely do not have the training, equipment, products and experience to even know that what they are advertising and attempting to do is ineffective and terribly flawed.

Likewise ALL sanitizing/disinfecting products applied MUST have a minimum “dwell time” of typically 30 seconds to 1 minute….the “dwell time” means all surfaces must remain “wet” for that 30 seconds to 1 minute time before being wiped or allowed to air dry. Without that “dwell time” you absolutely cannot be assured of any reliable kill of most virus, molds and bacteria. There is no such thing as an instant kill  sanitizer with no dwell time….but ALL cleaning services I see advertising sanitizing seem to think so. Apply no dwell time and you are simply smearing around the bacteria or virus to live another day. These are well known facts in the professional sanitizing industry, but unfortunately completely unknown to the average cleaner or carpet cleaner offering their brand of sanitizing. They are un-trained and un-educated in this area unfortunately. As a professional sanitizing service, OdorXout Ottawa strives to bring the modern technical knowledge of sanitizing and the specialty equipment and products that is so desperately required in these times.

So for those other “cleaning services” offering disinfecting and sanitizing services stating they treat “all surfaces”, you can be assured they are applying absolutely NO DWELL TIME. And keeping “all surfaces” wet for a minimum of 30 seconds is virtually impossible for them without modern equipment and techniques. In effect their disinfecting service is worthless in the grand scheme of this latest virus. Don’t just buy worthless false piece of mind, invest in modern professional sanitizing by OdorXout Ottawa.

OdorXout Ottawa offers a professional, state of the art, fast, efficient and cost effective sanitizing service that uses ULV(Ultra Low Volume) Electrostatic Fogging to apply one of the best sanitizers in the industry. It’s a Health Canada Approved Hospital Grade Sanitizer that is virtually odourless and completely safe for people. So safe in fact it is approved for use on food prep surfaces with “No Rinse Required”. When we say FULL COVERAGE OF EVERY SURFACE…we mean it!! The electrostatic component of the fogging system creates micron sized droplets that are electrically charged. What does this mean?….the large plume of fog we generate will linger in the air for an extended period of time and actually get attracted to ALL surfaces. For example it will coat the entire inside of a toilet bowl and under the lip and even under the seat, even though it is fogged from above, the side or just nearby. THIS is how you achieve full coverage and adequate dwell time….it’s really the only way to do it right.

When you hire an old school cleaning service who practices outdated spray and wipe techniques to “disinfect/sanitize” your home or business, that is NOT WHAT YOU ARE RECEIVING and essentially you are just BUYING THE ILLUSION OF SANITIZING AND SAFETY. And that is a provable fact with the use of a bacteria meter,

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