It’s that time of year again and maybe it’s your turn to host Christmas dinner. The place needs cleaning. You vacuum the carpets and notice it’s likely time to get the carpets cleaned. Do you rent one? If you want them to actually be clean when you are done, then it’s a waste of time and the cost with the soap is not cheap. And your time….what’s that worth? Plus they will be wet or damp for days….you’ve been there before. You want to call a “Steam Cleaner” but once again…the carpets will be wet for a few days. Who wants fogged windows when the house gets full of guests? FACT: there is no real “steam” involved in their process…..they just shoot on a large amount of “hot” water and suck up much less with a vacuum. They can often leave gallons of water behind, soaking your carpets and under pad. No scrubbing or agitation is involved….just soaps, water an heat. Experience shows that this type of cleaning typically re-soils very quickly due to sticky soap residues remaining behind in the fibers. Sticky residue and dirt just don’t mix!

There is a better way…..Von Schrader Patented Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning!!!

The answer is simple….call OdorXout Ottawa for a free estimate. We are factory trained Von Schrader Authorized Associates and feature their patented dry foam “Air Cell” technology. Basically your carpets get scrubbed and massaged by thousands of soft bristles using a rich “dry foam”. The foam only contains 10% moisture so the backing pad or under pad doesn’t get wet. The foam is scrubbed into the carpet and the dirt is suspended and laden in the foam, which is then instantly sucked up by a powerful vacuum. Carpets are typically dry by the time we are packing up to leave. And the best part…..a Von Schrader cleaned carpet will not re-soil as quickly as with most other methods. It’s also a completely green and ECO friendly process from start to finish. We feature “Green Guard” carpet protector. It’s the latest “nano technology” is EPA approved safe and contains no nasty chemicals like Scotchguard or Dupont Teflon based products. It’s so green, you could drink it! No more worries with your children and pets lying on the carpets.

We also are Wool experts and can clean your wool rugs in your home. The Von Schrader process is certified by the WoolSafe Organization. Buyer beware. Sure, many other cleaners will clean your wool carpets or rugs no problem, but their processes and soaps are often not certified Woolsafe and typically stretching and shrinking are the result. Your long runners all of a sudden don’t sit flat at the edges. Not all cleaning systems are Woolsafe, be careful.

Call OdorXout Ottawa today at 613-702-4450 to book your Xmas cleaning……before time runs out.