Get Rid Of Smoke In Home Or Apartments

Of all the smells haunting your home, cigarette or cigar smoke is one of the hardest bad odours to eliminate. The smell comes from far more than the ash trays around the house. Smoke literally coats all the surfaces in the building. The very thought that a spray, powder, of cleaning program can reach all parts of the building is absurd. Smoke will cling to walls, ceiling, furniture, and drapes. The best solutions only treat a small part of the problem … Except for one.

Ozone treatments from OdorXout will literally reach every part of the the building. Smoke is a thin layer of tar-like consistency that easily attaches to any surface. Since smoke is airborne, it travels everywhere. Try reserving one room for the smoker. You will learn that the smoke will travel to the vents to be detected throughout the house. The particles of smoke are very small. Normal air filters have little affect on capturing smoke.

Ionizing air purifiers with a HEPA filter is a good intermediate step because they pull more particles from the air than most filters. However, these filters cannot reach the whole house. They can only treat the air that reaches the unit. So, a smoker home cannot be properly remediated by an ionized air filter.

Ozone is also known as Trioxygen. Like the O2 normal oxygen, ozone is O3 meaning three oxygen atoms have been linked up using an ozone generator. Ozone makes a molecular connection to pollutants and destroys them. It is particular good at thin film problems like a smoke impregnated home, car, or office. By the way, we are not talking of some desktop trinket-like ozone generator. A serious ozone generator will be so powerful that people and pets cannot stay in the building because the ozone concentration is high enough to sting you nose and make you cough.
Fortunate, trioxygen (ozone) reverts back to normal oxygen in about 30 minutes. Our customers come back to a fresh smelling, smoke-odour free home or office. Depending on size, the process takes about three hours. The home is healthier and other things have also happened. Pet odours are gone. Cooking odours have been eliminated. The ozone has also sanitized the entire home. Allergy symptoms are lessened because ozone kills dust mites and also destroys allergens.

Trust the ozone professionals. We are members of the National Ozone Association, and are proud to be Certified Ozone Technicians.

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