Yes there is an alternative to repainting your popcorn ceiling! Likewise your tired and soiled acoustical tile ceilings do not have to be repainted or replaced at significant costs. OdorXout Ottawa offers a cleaning service that can tackle all these unique surfaces and get them looking fresh and bright again…..for a fraction of the cost of a repaint or replacement. We start with a full vacuum to remove all dust and cobwebs. We can do high reach vacuuming and cleaning up to 18 feet! Then we use our state of the art Von Schrader VersaTile Wall & Ceiling Cleaning System to effectively clean your ceilings….despite the uneven texture of popcorn ceilings.

We can also clean all wall surfaces including rough surfaces like brick. You will be amazed at the results and if the walls are still in good physical condition, they often come out looking like new with no streaking. It’s especially ideal for Landlords, Home Flippers, Realtors and Property Managers trying to keep rehab and maintenance costs down and to make quick and hassle free sales. IF IT SMELLS IT WON’T SELL . We may even be able to save you a repait and all those extra costs! The cost of the service is a fraction of the cost of a repaint.

Rooms contaminated by cigarette smoke are often so coated with tar and nicotine, it’s absolutely essential to remove it before doing a full ozone odour removal proceedure and acheiving a successful outcome to the odour removal efforts. The wall surfaces will also be perfectly prepared for any paint job required. No further TSP wall washing will be required.

Always remember that latex paint is completely porous when dry and cured, so never paint over smokers tar and nicotine residue…..The smell WILL come back very quickly and make a permanent removal of the cigarette odour very very difficult. Always clean all walls/ceilings and complete odour removal tasks BEFORE repainting.

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