Musty Basement Smell Eliminated

Who doesn’t have a basement with “Funny Smells“.  Most fo the time the smell is an accumulation of mildew, bacteria, decay, and former floods.  Many times, what smells like a haunting smell in the basement is hard to define. Treating a basement is part of the overall health of the home and family.  What goes on in the basement can make health problems like allergies, asthma, and sinus issues worse.  If you really want to get you basement in shape, we have solutions for you that will get rid of the worst smells and make your basement a better place to visit or spend time.

OdorXout Ottawa can provide a full basement or full house odour remediation program that is usually long overdue. If your basement is a maze of trash and old boxes, we have people who will go in and clear out the stuff no longer needed and better preserve the things that you want to keep.  

Finished basements can still be funky as well.  Moisture leaks and embedded smells stay in basements for years. Our treatment not only gets rid of odours, but keeps them out.  Don’t let your basement be the place that everyone hates. OdorXout Ottawa will treat the odours in home or basement in just one visit.

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