Schools, Day Cares, And Play Areas

Few would deny that children are a constant source of contagious disease. They put their hands and mouths on everything. And, they do not worry about clean hands or germs. Children like to hug, play, and handle. This means that schools, day care facilities, and play areas are common transfer points for the spread of disease.

One of the first lessons to be learned is that “cleaning is not sanitizing.” EPA states that sanitizers must stay on the surface for 2-8 minutes to kill most germs. Frankly, this never happens! Sanitizing is a level above ordinary cleaning, and the good news is that there are better ways to stop the spread of diseases by attacking bacteria and virus where they live.

OdorXout Ottawa will treat any facility treating every surface, all furniture, and touchable item for bacteria and germs. The spread of disease can be greatly reduced by making the surfaces hostile to germs but good for people. Ozone will sanitize all surfaces, clear the air, and leave the facility sanitized. BioZone is applied to all surfaces, including soft surfaces like carpet, furniture, and wallpaper. This invisible treatment will act like a barb wire fence to invading germs. They are literally punctured if they land on the surface. Then they die. This happens 24/7 for as long as three months.

OdorXout Ottawa’s staff are trained and certified EHS Consultant with expertise in allergy threat, infection control, odour removal, and professional cleaning. We are not a cleaning service, but we provide a level of sanitizing and cleaning that cannot be found from any cleaning service.

Extraordinary treatment of heavily contaminated areas by ozonated water, antimicrobial surface treatment, and probiotic applications are environmentally-safe and highly effective for sanitizing and infection control.

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