OdorXout Ottawa is proud to be a fully certified EHS Consultant service with Environmental Health Services. As such, we know how to provide a truly Allergy Safe Room for hotels, apartments, and homes. Our trained and certified personnel arrive on the scene to provide expert treatment that will greatly reduce or eliminate the allergy, asthma, or chemical sensitivity triggers that cause unwelcome attacks by staff, guests, students, or family members.

This service can be a one-time treatment or a scheduled service to keep your facility Allergy Safe. The Allergy Safe program is very effective for hotels and motels wishing to offer Allergy Safe rooms to their customers. Allergy Safe rooms generally rent for $20-$30 more per night making this a smart investment. Plus many patrons appreciate the extra care and make it a point to return again.

In homes, family members should always follow medical advice, but if the home is an environmental threat to allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities; our EHS Consultant will evaluate the problem, suggest a plan of action, and deliver an Allergy Safe room that is sanctioned by Environmental Health Services. Savings to those suffering are physical relief as well as expected lower medication requirements.

Trust your EHS Consultant as a professional capable of delivering an Allergy Safe program to those important to your life. Applicable for schools, days cares, and offices as well.

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