Musty Smells In Homes
Recently, we had a call from a client that had a strong musty smell coming from the basement. The first thought was that this may be due to mold and mildew, but an inspection showed no evidence of mold throughout the entire house. The basement, however was very old. Signs of water seepage were seen, a sump pump was in place, and it was an old home.

Musty smells can come from rotting wood, residual odors from former owners, and even accumulated dust. Getting rid of odors is not a perfect science, but the good news is that our odor removal system treats a broad range of odor problems. Accumulated matter can breed bacteria, which is yet another source of odors. Regardless of the cause, there is little that a serious cleaning and OdorXout treatment can’t make better.

Don’t treat just one room if you have odors. Odors are everywhere and tend to spread. Our system will reach every corner of the building and eliminate the source and the odor. Even better, your proven system will kill bacteria that may cause odor as well. So, if you have a musty smell in your basement, there is something that needs attention. It can exacerbate allergies and asthma, but it also can weaken even the strongest immune systems. Call OdorXout Ottawa at (613) 702-4450 to fix the problem before it gets worse.