The All-natural Way to Clean and De-odourize your Home
No one wants to live in a smelly home. If you have pets or smoke, or even if you have had a long-standing musty odour which you just couldn’t seem to eliminate you know how miserable this situation can be, and you probably tried everything you could to eliminate the dirt and smell; nothing seemed to work for very long; that offensive odour which seems to be coming from your carpeting keeps coming back.

You may have simply given yourself up to using sprays, powders, and chemical carpet cleaners to get the filth out of your rugs and eliminate the disgusting odours which can cling to the fibers and materials of your carpeting and furniture upholstery. You may even be concerned about the effects of these products, not only on the environment, but on the health of you and your family.

Now you have other options! Not only does our company provide odour removal services which are completely chemical free, but we can also give your carpets a thorough cleaning using a dry process which will leave you astounded with the results. Read on to see what our professional team can do for your odour removal and carpet cleaning needs.

All-natural, complete odour removal using Ozone gas

This wonderful and completely amazing method of odour removal is not only completely free of risk to the environment but it will not cause health or allergy problems in any way! Whether your smells include pet urine, sweat or other body odors, must from mold or mildew, or you just need to get the building in question smelling fresh again ozone gas is the way to go.

Our trained professionals are able to administer the ozone gas odour removal technique on a “shock-treatment” basis, safely eliminating odours from your entire home at one time. No need for multiple visits for each room. Ozone gas odour removal will take care of the entire residence in one trip.

Ozone Gas and Dry Carpet Cleaning

When ozone gas is used to deodorize and sanitizing your home, the addition of our synergistic dry carpet cleaning process to clean your carpets, will give the cleanest carpeting you have had since it was new. Many foul odours in the home begin with dirty carpeting, particularly if it has endured many liquid spills or pet staining. The carpet in your home is also acting as a large air filter or what is known as an “air scrubber”. As the air constantly flows through the fibers, those fibers are actually acting like air filter material. Air filters get dirty and need cleaning. With traditional wet/steam cleaning systems, the heavy dampness which can last up to 48 hours….or more, creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to begin to grow beneath the carpet, producing odours (and spores!) which permeates every porous surface in the home. Repeated wet carpet cleaning does cause mold under the carpet and the Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) will obviously be negatively affected. Just ask a carpet installer how much mold and mildew stains they see when they rip up old carpets. Our Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning leaves your carpet spotless through and through, and it does it without the use of dangerous chemicals or water. The odours are gone and your carpet is clean with no risk to your health and no need to apply dangerous chemicals to your expensive carpeting.

If you want to get those bad odours out of your home for good take advantage of the excellent carpet cleaning and odour removal service we provide using all-natural, amazingly effective ozone gas and organic dry carpet cleaning technology. You will breathe in clean, fresh air and enjoy a beautiful home with spotless carpeting. Schedule your consultation today!