Using Ozone for Allergy and Asthma Relief
To keep the record straight, we do not suggest using ozone as a treatment on the person. Though ozone is just another form of oxygen, it does cause respiratory irritation when used at high levels.
Ozone is, however, a great tool that can be used to reduce the causes of allergy and asthma attacks.

As used by professional ozone services, ozone is used on vacated buildings, so there is no question of any health concerns. Ozone reverts back to ozone in about twenty minutes anyway, so returning residents should detect only a faint ozone smell. This is not harmful and will be totally gone in about 24 hours.

The ozone treatment is on the facility or building … not the people. The process takes about three to five hours, and there is no residue after the equipment is removed. There are no chemicals to worry about or clean-up required. What has happened in the meantime is pretty remarkable. Ozone is an oxidizer, and it attacks small particles like mold, pollen, and pollution on a molecular level. This is a natural form of nonotechnology. Ozone releases an oxygen atom that oxidizes small particles, making them harmless.

Ozone treatment is always done in a vacated building, so the EPA warnings about ozone exposure simply do not apply. The process takes three to five hours, and the family can return once the building has aired out. It may help to know that ozone cannot survive more than twenty minutes at normal temperatures. It turns back to normal O2 oxygen, with nothing more left behind than neutralized pollen, dust, or mold spores. Ozone is one of the best ways to kill mold spores.

In addition, the same treatment will permanently remove all odours in the house, clear out any air pollution, and kill those invisible dust mites that aggravate so many allergy sufferers. Ozone is used as a wonderful odour removal service. Expect a faint, but not unpleasant, smell upon return. It goes away in about 24 hours. This is the after effect of ozone that has burnt out the microscopic problem-makers in the building.

Ozone should not be applied by amateurs, and renting an ozone machine is not recommended. There are several ways to misuse ozone. It is best to call a professional service like OdorXout Ottawa and experience to benefit of a building free of allergy or asthma threats.
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